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Will There Be an Orange Is the New Black Season 8? Everything We Know



  • Speculation about Orange Is the New Black season 8 was sparked by TikTok clips.
  • While spinoff possibilities are discussed, season 8 could delve into post-prison life, Piper & Alex’s relationship, and new conflicts.
  • Laura Prepon is open to returning, but showrunner Jenji Kohan wants to move on from the darkness of the show.

Orange Is the New Black, the groundbreaking Netflix series that premiered in 2013, quickly became a cultural phenomenon, and there’s still a possibility that Orange Is the New Black season 8 will happen. The show, based on Piper Kerman’s memoir, Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison, delves into the lives of women in prison, exploring their backgrounds, the circumstances that led to their incarceration, and their experiences inside. Its blend of drama and comedy, along with its commitment to highlighting issues of race, gender, and the criminal justice system, has earned it a devoted fanbase.

The seventh season concluded the series in a way that felt final for many viewers. It wrapped up several key storylines and was poignant and reflective of the show’s overarching themes of redemption, resilience, and the harsh realities of the penal system. This conclusive nature of the season led many to believe that the series had reached its natural conclusion. However, the recent resurgence of clips and trailers from season 7 on TikTok has sparked speculation among fans about the possibility of an eighth Orange is the New Black season, leading to confusion and renewed hope for the show’s continuation.

Orange Is The New Black Season 8 Is Not Confirmed

Old Scenes Posted On TikTok Led To Speculation About Season 8

The flurry of excitement and speculation surrounding the potential for Orange Is the New Black season 8 emerged unexpectedly, fueled by a wave of social media activity. On TikTok, fans stumbled upon reposts of clips and trailers from the show’s seventh season, which were shared without context. These snippets of past episodes, brimming with the raw emotion and dramatic tension that defined the series, ignited hope among the series’ devoted followers. Many interpreted these rediscovered moments as hints of a new beginning, speculating that Netflix or the show’s creators were teasing the imminent announcement of an eighth season.

However, this surge of speculation appears to be a case of digital déjà vu rather than a deliberate marketing tease. The reposting of content from the show’s final season has not been accompanied by any official statements or announcements from Netflix, the show’s production team, or key creatives involved in its creation. The absence of concrete information or confirmation from authoritative sources leaves the speculation grounded more in wishful thinking than in reality. Unfortunately, Orange Is the New Black season 8 is not confirmed.

The phenomenon of social media playing a role in fueling rumors and speculation about popular culture is not new. In the absence of new content, fans often engage in nostalgia, sharing and resharing favorite moments from beloved shows. When such activities occur on platforms like TikTok, where content can quickly go viral and reach large audiences, it’s easy to see how excitement can build and lead to misunderstandings about a show’s future.


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Orange Is The New Black Showrunner Jenji Kohan Does Not Want Season 8

Kohan Is “Done With Darkness”

Jenji Kohan, the creator and showrunner of Orange Is the New Black, has been vocal about her stance on not pursuing a season 8 (via The Guardian). Despite the series’ immense success and its impactful storytelling, Kohan has expressed a decisive shift in her creative aspirations, moving away from the themes of darkness and dystopia that have been central to the show. Her comments shed light on the personal and professional toll that comes with delving into such intense and often grim narratives over an extended period. Kohan reflected on her experience, noting:

I’m f***ing done with darkness and dystopia. I think it’s bad for us at this point. I want to see more reflections of lives we would like to live and worlds we would like to see. The dark is getting me down.

This statement is not just a personal declaration of moving on but also hints at a broader desire for storytelling that uplifts and explores more hopeful possibilities. It’s a sentiment that resonates in a world where audiences are increasingly seeking out content that offers escape, inspiration, or a vision of a better future. The psychological impact of creating a show set within the confines of a prison cannot be understated. Kohan admitted:

When you’re writing a show in prison, you’re psychologically in prison for a good deal of time. It was time for release.

Kohan’s comment underscores the deep immersion required to bring such a complex and layered world to life. This immersion, while necessary for the show’s authenticity and depth, comes at a cost to those who create it, deciding to end the series as a form of liberation for Kohan. Despite the finality of her decision, Kohan acknowledges the difficulty of letting go of the world and characters she has created. Kohan added:

I’d like to think that in some alternate universe they go on, that the stories continue. And probably some excellent erotic fiction. But I have not gone down that rabbit hole. It was bad enough with Love Island.

The idea that “in some alternate universe they go on, that the stories continue” offers a bittersweet consolation, not just to Kohan but to fans who are not ready to say goodbye. This opens up the possibility of fan fiction and alternate narratives, which Kohan views with a mixture of curiosity and detachment. Her mention of “excellent erotic fiction” with a laugh suggests an awareness of the vibrant fan culture that surrounds the show, one that extends the lives of its characters beyond the screen in myriad ways.

Could There Be An Orange Is The New Black Spinoff?

Executive Producer Tara Herrmann Wants To Develop A Spinoff

…after seven seasons and 91 episodes,
Orange Is the New Black
stands as the streaming service’s longest-running show.

Orange Is the New Black‘s ending left many fans yearning for more stories from the inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary. While there’s been much speculation and hope for a continuation of the series, discussions have shifted towards the potential for a spinoff. Executive Producer Tara Herrmann’s comments have provided a glimpse into the creative team’s thoughts on how the universe of Orange Is the New Black could be expanded, despite the clear end of the original series (via THR). Herrmann’s insights reveal a balancing act between honoring the legacy of the series and exploring new storytelling avenues:

We’re very excited because now we have a few people on the outside, Aleida Diaz being one of them, and to be able to show the juxtaposition of what life is like for someone in Aleida’s shoes compared to somebody who is in Piper’s shoes is very exciting for us.

She highlighted Piper Chapman, played by Taylor Schilling, as the “grounding force of the show,” and expressed enthusiasm for following Piper’s life post-incarceration. This approach aligns with the series’ long-standing exploration of the challenges faced by those re-entering society after prison. By juxtaposing Piper’s journey with that of other characters like Aleida Diaz, who faces a different set of challenges upon her release, a spinoff could delve into the varied experiences of reintegration and the societal factors that shape these journeys.

However, Herrmann also expressed a cautious approach to these spinoff concepts, emphasizing the importance of not detracting from the original series while it was still airing. She used the metaphor of “robbing from the mothership” to describe the potential impact of diverting attention to spinoffs prematurely. Despite these considerations, the door to future projects remains open. Herrmann’s comments reflect a recognition of the Orange Is the New Black universe as a rich source of stories that can continue to engage with contemporary social issues, provide therapeutic value for creators, and offer growth opportunities for artists.

In 2013, Orange Is the New Black was actually Netflix’s third original series, with House of Cards and Hemlock Grove premiering just months before, but those shows ended after six and three seasons, respectively. Now, after seven seasons and 91 episodes, Orange Is the New Black stands as the streaming service’s longest-running show. And in those six years, it’s helped usher in a revolution in the modern media landscape, sparking discussions about how films and television will be distributed in the future.

Orange Is the New Black is indeed one of the original Netflix Original series. It helped the streamer become far more than just a fun platform to quickly access content, but rather a go-to destination for challenging and enlightening weekly entertainment. Given the restrictions of typical network television, Orange Is the New Black paved the way for innovative streaming-era showrunners. In that respect, it’s possible that Netflix might want to revive the series at some point given how successful it was.


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What The Orange Is The New Black Cast Has Said About Returning

Laura Prepon Wants To See The Show Return

The ensemble cast of Orange Is the New Black, diverse in every sense, brought to life the complex, nuanced stories of women navigating life in and out of prison. With the series’ conclusion, fans and cast members alike have expressed interest in revisiting these characters, leading to speculation about who might return for a hypothetical season 8 or spinoff. Laura Prepon, who portrayed Alex Vause, one of the show’s central characters, has been vocal about the possibility of revisiting the universe of OITNB. The actor revealed (via PopCulture):

I know that people would love to have some kind of spinoff, so I don’t know. We’ll see what happens but Jenji is just — her mind and her writing, oh man, she’s so great.

Alex’s turbulent relationship with Piper Chapman served as a focal point for much of the series. Prepon’s comments reflect a broader sentiment among the cast and fanbase: a desire to see where these characters’ lives might lead next. She highlighted the unique storytelling and writing style of Jenji Kohan, the series’ creator, as central to the show’s success, leaving the door open to the possibility of future projects.

The potential return of other actors and characters would depend on the narrative direction of any continuation. Characters like Taystee (Danielle Brooks), whose storyline highlighted the injustices within the penal and legal systems, and Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren (Uzo Aduba), who provided both heart and humor, are integral to the show’s appeal. Moreover, a season 8 or spinoff could delve into the aftermath of the show’s conclusion for characters like Red (Kate Mulgrew) and Gloria (Selenis Leyva). And of course, there’s the linchpin of the series, Taylor Schilling’s Piper Chapman, as it wouldn’t be the same if Schilling didn’t return.


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What Orange Is The New Black’s Season 8 Story Could Be

Season 8 Could Explore Piper & Alex’s Relationship In The Free World

The logical narrative continuation would focus on life post-incarceration, particularly through the lens of Piper Chapman and Alex Vause, whose relationship has been a central storyline. Piper is 33 at the end of the series, and a new season could explore the complexities of their relationship in the free world years later, juxtaposed against the backdrops of their separate experiences of prison and how these experiences shape their attempts to reintegrate into society. This could offer a nuanced look at recidivism and the challenges of reentry, themes that were touched upon but could be more deeply explored.

However, the potential storyline must also reckon with the fates of characters like Red, whose health was declining, and Daya, who was deeply entrenched in the prison’s drug trade by the series’ end. Though perhaps not the exacting reunion fans would want to see, season 8 could potentially explore themes of illness and mortality with Red and the cyclical nature of crime and punishment with Daya. Lorna Morello, whose mental health deteriorated significantly, offers a poignant opportunity to explore mental illness, especially within the context of the criminal justice system’s often inadequate provision for those living with such conditions.

The series could focus on Hellman, the new warden of the penitentiary, and could introduce new conflicts and challenges, reflecting the ever-evolving landscape of prison administration and reform efforts. Another intriguing angle could involve following characters who were released from prison, like Blanca Flores, who faced an uncertain future due to her immigration status. As Taystee, Orange Is the New Black’s most likable character, set up Poussey Washington Fund in the season 7 finale, a new season could revisit her story arc, one of the few potentially uplifting plotlines of a hypothetical season 8.

Additionally, a new season or spinoff could introduce fresh faces, new inmates, or staff, reflecting the changing demographics and issues within the prison system. This could especially be the case as Natasha Lyonne’s Nicky Nichols becomes something of a mother figure to several new inmates in the season 7 finale, and Orange Is the New Black season 8 could revisit this mentorship. These characters could serve as catalysts for the original cast to confront new challenges, grow, and perhaps find new paths to redemption or advocacy outside the prison walls.


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Orange Is The New Black Ultimately Doesn’t Need A Season 8

The Series Reached A Logical Conclusion

Though there have been plenty of clamorings for spin-offs or to find out the fates of some fan-favorite characters, the truth is that Orange Is The New Black doesn’t need a season 8. The seven-season run of the show was a hugely successful one.

Critics loved the show throughout the entirety of its run – every season is considered fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, for example. When shows continue long past the height of their popularity, viewers and critics alike tend to begin to see them as repetitive or move on from them. With less than 100 episodes across its seven seasons, Orange Is The New Black didn’t allow for that to happen, even moving the storyline to new prisons and introducing new characters to keep the dynamics in the show fresh with every premiere. A longer run could have tarnished that.

During its run,
Orange Is The New Black
was nominated for a total of 165 awards and won 46 of them.

It’s also telling that creator Jenji Kohan was ready to let go of the show and bring it to a logical conclusion. Too many shows change showrunners and executive producing teams in general multiple times during their runs. When that happens, the show gets a different feel each time. It makes it hard to retain the quality of the series that fans have grown accustomed to and to maintain the aspects of a show that the audience loves. When the creator or showrunner feels like it’s time for a show to end, that is the logical endpoint.

Though that might mean that some characters’ fates are left open-ended, like Lorna’s or Red’s, that’s not a bad thing. It leaves fans with something to speculate about long after the show has run its course. Orange Is The New Black doesn’t need a new season unless the creative team behind the show chooses to bring something fresh to the screen that can maintain the same feeling as the original.

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